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Local Movers with Lompoc Van and Storage

Moving in the Santa Barbara area and within California.

Lompoc Van and Storage is pleased to provide local moving services to you within California and especially in the Santa Barbara area.

We maintain a fleet of up-to-date vans, equipped with all necessary ramps, dollies, straps, decking and pads to secure and protect your goods. Our professional van operators and trained crews are skilled at packing and loading to ensure the safety of your belongings from one home to the next.

Dependable furniture movers in your neighborhood.

When choosing a van line for your local move, Lompoc Van and Storage offers reliability. For years, customers have entrusted us to help them go down the street, across town, or from one part of the state to another. And they know we deliver as promised, on time, with courtesy and professionalism. With our experience in your corner, your move is worry-free.

Moving is much easier than you imagined.

We know your family has concerns about moving. We address your concerns from the start with a plan that puts you at ease. We work to make your move simple, hassle-free, and much easier than you imagined.

Your family’s move will likely involve a customized mix of services for packing, loading, transport, and storage. We’ll explain all the variables, how you can maximize the value of every service, and ways you can save money in your move.

Local moving with a local mover.

In addition to local moves, Lompoc Van and Storage is pleased to provide long-distance and interstate moves. We are an agent of Atlas, a household name in moving with a nationwide network for helping people go new places. Like every Atlas agent, we commit to high standards for service. We build our future on the service you receive today.

Your local move now can begin with an instant online quote. Or contact us with your questions or to schedule a free, in-home estimate. You are under no obligation.

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