Boxes for packing and moving services

How to Pack for a Move

At Lompoc Van and Storage, we take pride in our expert packing services. Our experienced packers have been trained in the best practices to make your goods safe for transport. Professional packing saves you time and frustration. And it provides an added assurance of trouble-free moving with minimal chance for damage to your goods. When you want to be sure your goods are ready for moving, entrust the packing to our skilled, professional packers.

Quality packing materials

Proper packing depends on using the right materials. We use only professional grade packing materials, including cartons, wraps, fillers, and tape, to ensure packing that is truly move ready. We can also provide these materials to you if you decide to do part or all of the packing yourself. Ask your Lompoc Van and Storage representative for advice on which materials you will need and in what quantities.

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