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Chris DiJulio

Chris DiJulio


Chris DiJulio, the owner of Lompoc Van & Storage, has been a key figure in the moving industry for an impressive 57 years. He recalls that his experience in the moving industry began at age 16: “The day after my sophomore year of high school ended, my dad dropped my brother George and me off at Lincoln Moving and Storage. Every non-school day through high school and college – or better yet, the last 57 years – I worked at Lincoln Moving & Storage or Lyon Van Lines.”

DiJulio’s experience spans the entire spectrum of the moving business. He explains, “I have been lucky enough to have worked in all phases of the Household Goods Industry. I started sweeping the warehouse floors. I learned to pack and move furniture, drive a small moving van, and drive a large semi-truck. I was proud to be able to drive and move furniture long distances in the 11 Western United States and into Canada.” This comprehensive background has been instrumental in his success.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, DiJulio transitioned into management roles. He spent five years gaining valuable experience managing a moving & storage branch, an international moving division, and two 48-state Van Lines. This diverse experience laid the groundwork for his future as a business owner.

Beyond his own companies, DiJulio has been actively involved in shaping the industry. He’s served on the Board of Directors of the American Moving & Storage Conference since 1984. He has been involved with other industry associations, including serving as President of the Washington Movers Conference.

A turning point in DiJulio’s career came in 1987 when he purchased Lincoln Moving and Storage. This acquisition marked the beginning of his expansion in the industry. Over the years, he strategically grew his business holdings, acquiring APACA Moving & Storage in 1998 and Apaca Van Lines in 2003. In 2015, he further expanded by purchasing Lompoc Van & Storage, Vandenberg Van & Storage, and Star Moving & Storage in Tacoma.

While DiJulio’s business acumen is evident, his personal values are equally important. He is married to his wife Kathryn, has five children, and now enjoys time with his ten grandchildren. As Chris puts it, “We have a great time when we are together,” reflecting the warmth and personal connection he brings to his business and family life.

The family-oriented approach extends to his business operations as well. Chris works closely with his son Danny DiJulio, who serves as Vice President of the Lincoln Family of Companies after 27 years with the company. This partnership underscores the family values that are central to the company’s culture and success.

From his early days in the warehouse to his current role as the owner of a successful group of moving companies, Chris DiJulio’s career exemplifies dedication, industry knowledge, and entrepreneurial spirit. His journey through the moving industry demonstrates how hard work, leadership, and a strong commitment to family and community can lead to significant accomplishments in business.

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